Student Outreach Programs

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 supports secondary and post-secondary through a variety of programs intended to provide education, networking, and career related activities and resources. Listed below is a description of our current efforts.

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 supports AFE Student Chapter 4 located at UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. UW-Stout is internationally known for its Engineering Technology Program. The Engineering Technology Program has concentrations in Facilities, Mechanical Design, Plastics, and Production Operations. In addition to technology programs, UW-Stout also offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in Packaging, Construction, and Manufacturing Engineering.

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 offers scholarships to students in the UW-Stout Facilities program. These scholarships are administered by the UW-Stout University Foundation who is responsible for scholarship criteria and student selection.

Student Chapter 256 from Century College is a second student chapter supported by AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13. Century College, located in White Bear Lake, MN offers facilities degree programs in Engineering, Engineering CAD Technology, Facility Systems Technology, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technology.

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 formed a partnership with University of Minnesota to support students pursuing a degree in their Facilities Management Program. The program falls within the Construction Management Bachelor of Applied Science. Students enrolled in the Facility Management Program are invited to participate in chapter events and programs to initiate exposure with chapter facility professionals.

AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 has a standing invitation to all students to attend AFE Twin Cities Chapter 13 meetings at no cost. The Chapter provides speakers at the student meetings on request. In addition, there can be “shadow” programs arranged during the year. The shadow program allows students to spend from 1/2 to 1 day with an AFE facilities member to experience a typical work day. 

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, can help support the student chapters, or can sponsor a “shadow” program, please contact any of the individuals listed below. If any members are looking for an intern, or entry level personnel, please remember the students at UW-Stout, Century College, Dunwoody College, and U of M.

Contact information

Matt Ruetten  |  Andersen Windows  |  (651) 264-6414  |

John Schultz  |  UW-Stout, Programs Advisor  |  (715) 232-2348  | 

Charlene Smith  |  UW-Stout, Scholarships  |  (715) 232-1320  | 

Dennis Kerschner  |  Century College, Programs Advisor  |  (651) 779-3300 | 

Nick Maras  |  Century College Foundation, Executive Director  |  (651) 779-3338  | 

Al Hilger, AIA  |  U of M Program Coordinator  |  (612) 624-8831  | 

Mary Pouch Meador  |  Dunwoody College of Technology  |  (612) 381-3048  |